What are we to expect in Bahrain 2014

What it could be like in Bahrain

Let us set out together and try see what the Sakhir international circuitul in Bahrain could be like. Here is, for a start, the track information and the technical data of the single-seaters; next we will analyze how teams relate to each other in terms of power position, to end with our rating of the teammates’ tandem intra-team fight.


Lap features Data
Lap length 5412 m
Race laps 57
Race distance 308.238 km
Pole position left-hand side of the track
Lap record 1’31.447 Pedro de la Rosa in 2005
Maximum speed 314 kph
DRS zones pit straight and third straight
Distance from grid to turn 400m
Car performance
Full throttle 70%  of lap length
Longest flat-out section 1205 m
Down force level Medium
Gear changes per lap 52
Fuel use per lap 2.5 kg
Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.1s


Top number of victories: Fernando Alonso – 3

Avaialable tyres: medium and soft

What could it be like?

Fernando Alonso declared he wished he could score at Bahrain race end, expecting his currently underway car up-grades to only help him climb the podium starting with the races in China and Spain. He is, however, transparent enough for us to read between lines, i.e. he will not really contend himself to just score in Bahrain, actually sending a message to competition and also to his own team, in the latter part of his statement, to make it push hard in order to equal performance of such as the Mercedes and the Red Bull, teams.

We believe the Mercedes to come out first in Bahrain, and the Red Bull to follow not quite close. We also think the British Williams will prove themselves top third over the desert circuit, whose features go well with them. Plus, as likely as not, rain there will be none, in the qualifications, as there was in the two races before, which draw them back significantly on the start grid. We believe they will outclass not only the McLaren, but also the Ferrari.

Ferrari will come out closely behind the Williams, followed by the McLaren, who may be outclassed by the Force India, unless they redo their speed and their grip touched in the first race of the season. Toro Rosso in the mix.

Lotus will have to fight hard the Sauber and the Marussia, directly confronting the Caterham.

Bottom line, in our vision: at least one, if not – more likely – two of the Mercedes will wind up on the podium, one Red Bull filling in as third. If, for whatever reason, the Mercedes do not act their best, we might even see a Williams on the podium – which we confess we would love to.

Now for the intra-team fight: Rosberg  will outclass Hamilton, a risky statement we – among  very few – are ready to assume, considering Lewis’s excellent race 3 days ago. As for the Red Bull, Ricciardo will end out behind Vettel, yet, as always, not long behind.

We say Alonso will beat Raikkonen, both in the qualifications and over the race, and Massa will beat his teammate Bottas.

We also bet on Perez to get much closer to his teammate Nico, in both qualifications and race – way up high time he did anyway.

Button will prove himself better than the Dane, who has it all, almost, to turn up quite a pilot, still lacking what his age rules out: patience.

Sutil in front of Gutierrez, Grosjean outclassing Maldonado by a long shot and Kobayashi smashing Ericcson. Tight fight for the Marussia, where steady Chilton may win the day leaving his teammate Jules Bianchi behind.

Our F1 Manager prediction for qualifications: Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel, Massa, Alonso.*

Our F1 Manager prediction for the race: Rosberg, Vettel, Alonso.*

* not necessarily in that order