South Korea – the rating and the fight between teammates

Why? Because you need to see the value of pilots also where the single seater is not competitive. And because the first you have to defeat in Formula 1 is your teammate!

Tire change – we will award tires according to the pilots’ performance in every Grand Prix. The best performance will be awarded with supersoft tires and the worst with rain tires, meaning that a rating of 6 is the maximum and 1 is the minimum. We will not take into account the performance of the car or other things that are not under the direct control of the pilots.

Man of the race: Nico Hulkenberg – it would be stupid for him to be left out of Formula 1 because he is “fat” for next year’s car (71kg).

Minus: Pirelli, without further comment.

Race show rating: 7 out of 10, but that because there were two safety cars, otherwise …

Red Bull: Vettel rating 6 (1,1 ) – Webber rating 6 (13, disqualified)

This time, Vettel was not booed, and neither will he be booed in Japan, whatever happens, because there is a different mentality in that part of the world. During Schumacher’s time, there were races when both Ferrari cars would win the race, with a lap ahead of everyone, and people would not be so annoyed. We do not understand why people are no so irritated with Vettel. Is it because Red Bull is “just a drinks maker”, as the rivals called it? Vettel is flawless and Webber almost the same, but the F1 Manager point in Korea goes only to Sebastian which is 4 times consecutive champion. Congratulations!

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 13-3

Ferrari: Alonso rating 5 (5,6) – Massa rating 4 (7,9)

Certainly, the race in Korea brought Hulkenberg closer to Lotus and moved Felipe back who, if we consider the fact that after the first round was in position 22 and finished only 3 positions behind his colleague, doesn’t seem to have such a bad outcome. But how he lost the back of his car on the inside turn can be quite embarrassing for an experienced pilot such as himself, an argument which would be chosen by the Lotus team in bringing him in. The angry and frustrated Alonso will not last long until he bursts. And the Ferrari car is far, too far, from the first 3 single seaters on the grid.

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 12-4

McLaren: Button rating 5 (11,8)  – Perez rating 5 (10, 10 )

The McLaren team is very hard to rate. Jenson qualified better in the race, but if Perez’s tire wouldn’t have burst, he may have been in front of him. We award both pilots with one point.

Korea score 1-1

Overall score 9-6

Renault: Raikonnen rating 6 (9, 2) – Grosjean rating 6 (3, 3)

Of course that Ferrari still does not regret even after this race that they have signed with Finn Kimi Raikkonen. One way or another, he managed to change his tires quickly, was very lucky with the safety cars, took advantage of his Grosjean’s small error and ranked 2nd at the end of the race. Grosjean is fabulously good, too. The point goes only to the Finn, despite his very poor qualifications.

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 7-7

Mercedes: Rosberg rating 5 (4,7) – Hamilton rating 5 (2,5)

Both drivers had bad luck in the race and Rosberg saw the podium at some point, but only for a little while. Hamilton may be glad that he receives our point, but his comments do not seem right to us – those that say that he is a pilot of another caliber and that he should always fight ahead.

Korea score 0-1

Overall score 5-9

Sauber: Hulkenberg rating 6 (7,4) – Gutierrez rating 5 (8,11)

We are sorry that our highest ranking is only 6, because that is all we can give to Nico. Gutierrez also deserves a point in the race, but there are so are many others like him saying the same. Hulkenberg will definitely be in F1 next year if he doesn’t lose what little reason he has, but we do not know who will he run for.

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 12-1

Force India: Sutil rating 6 (15,20) – di Resta rating 2 (14, descalificat)

We are glad to say that in the last 2 years we were not Di Resta’s supporters, as we saw him as a medium to mediocre pilot. Each of his last 5 races ended with a dropout. British journalists praised him too much, but his bubble bursted. There’s no place for him in F1, as long Heikki Kovalainen, to give just one example, is left out. Adrian Sutil is faster than him in general although he erred on Sunday, too. Too bad that Adrian was criminally convicted because he would have had a different future in F1.

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 8-7

Williams: Maldonado rating 5 (18,13) – Bottas rating 6 (17,12)

Valtteri Bottas defeated his teammate by over half a second in the qualifying round, someone who is said to be fast on a turn, and finished  the race before him. We hope that the young Finn will have a faster car next year and that it will be a Williams again.

Korea score 0-1

Overall score 7-7

Toro Rosso: Ricciardo rating 5 (12, 19) – Vergne rating 4 (16, 18)

Both drivers had technical problems with the single seaters but one of them ranked much better during qualifications, and he was Aussie Daniel Ricciardo.

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 9-5

Caterham: Pic rating 5 (19,14) – der Garde rating 4 (20,15)

Der Garde followed his teammate both during qualification and in the race, a teammate who was penalized with 3 start grid positions on the next race.

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 9-6

Marussia: Bianchi rating 5 (22,16) – Chilton rating 4 (21,17)

In the Grand Prix of Japan, Jules Bianchi will also start 3 positions further back on the grid.

Korea score 1-0

Overall score 12-2