Red Bull set to challenge Mercedes dominance?

Red Bull could soon be challenging Mercedes’ dominance at the next couple of races.

The Spanish and Monaco grands prix both rely on downforce, rather than outright engine power – unlike the opening four races which Mercedes dominated.

Whilst it’s known Mercedes enjoys a power advantage over Renault, Red Bull’s RB10 has greater downforce than the W05 – something even Lewis Hamilton has admitted.

“The Red Bull is very, very fast through the high-speed, which tells me they maybe have a little bit more downforce than us,” said the Briton just this week.

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    ‘Whilst’ got used twice! Let’ hear it for pretentious speech!

  2. Post By GoldStandard

    Chortle, chortle, chortle…… LOL.

    Still giggling at that comment….. Though note also that:- The Red Bull is not only ‘fast’; nor is it simply ‘very fast’…… but it is “very, very fast through the high speed”.

    Hmmmmmm…….very, very fast through the high speed (what exactly?)

    Perhaps it’s the high speed dash to get to Charlie Whiting’s office to be the first to register a complaint (or defend against a complaint more likely LOL).

    If only Mercedes had a +20 second advantage over everybody else.
    ….Oh damn…….. they do 😉

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