Japan – the rating and the fight between teammates

Why? Because you need to see the value of pilots also where the single seater is not competitive. And because the first you have to defeat in Formula 1 is your teammate!

Tire change – we will award tires according to the pilots’ performance in every Grand Prix. The best performance will be awarded with supersoft tires and the worst with rain tires, meaning that a rating of 6 is the maximum and 1 is the minimum. We will not take into account the performance of the car or other things that are not under the direct control of the pilots.

Man of the race: Romain Grosjean – it’s easy make comments from the comfort of your armchair, but wouldn’t a strategy with three stops have been better for the French?

Minus: Pastor Maldonado who in the last lap had to overcome his teammate at any cost in the fight for the 16th place, and if his much wiser teammate, Bottas, wouldn’t have pulled the wheel and wouldn’t have driven straight, avoiding the ideal path, the two would have collided.

Race show rating: 8 out of 10

Red Bull: Vettel rating 6 (2,1) – Webber rating 6 (1, 2)

Just because it’s his last season in F1, we are not going to deduct any points from Webber, although he deserves it. Why? Because if his teammate spent a lap behind Grosjean, it took Webber a lot more to pass him, which may have cost him the victory, or if he wouldn’t have put on a show if his car would have danced a little behind Vettel’s car.

Japan Score 1 – 0

Overall Score 14 – 3

Ferrari: Alonso rating 5 (8,4) – Massa rating 5 (5,10)

Too bad for Massa because, for the first time in his career, he exceeded the speed limit allowed in pit stops and thus missed a much better position in the race. Alonso made ​​the best he could do. In the race, because during qualifications he was far away. Felipe can say goodbye to Lotus. His team will be Maxim Williams… or maybe Sauber?

Japan Score 1 – 0

Overall Score 13 – 4

McLaren: Button rating 5 (10,9)  – Perez rating 5 (11, 15)

Sergio Perez is losing his footing and because of this he is starting to make mistakes. We’re not blaming him, as he’s doing his best to stay with McLaren next year, too, but this seems increasingly uncertain.

Japan Score 1 – 0

Overall Score10 – 6

Renault: Raikonnen rating 5 (9, 5) – Grosjean rating 6 (4, 3)

If he wouldn’t have made ​​two exceptional passes, we would have awarded the Finn with a lower rating. But the way he passed Gutierrez in the R130 turn and the way he passed Hulkenberg in the circuit’s last vexation showed us what a great pilot he is. But let’s admit how quickly things can change in F1 if you have a team behind you, like in Grosjean’s case. Both Lotus drivers receive the same material, but moral support goes only to French, and behold: he’s constantly beating the Finn, and chances are that this will go on until the year’s end. Grosjean is very accurate, with a steady hand and very quick.

Japan Score 0 – 1

Overall Score 7 – 8

Mercedes: Rosberg rating 5 (6,8) – Hamilton rating 5 (3, descalificat)

It wasn’t Rosberg’s fault that his own team let him leave the stop pit in a dangerous manner, which led to the penalty and thus cost him his 4th place. We are deducting points because he lost during qualification to Hamilton, and thus the scoree between the two during qualifications on a dry circuit is 5-5, and on a wet circuit is 0-5 for Hamilton. Lewis seems to have been left chanceless in the race, but also without an instinct…

Japan Score 1 – 0

Overall Score 6 – 9

Sauber: Hulkenberg rating 6 (7,6) – Gutierrez rating 6 (14,7)

We are pleased to see the Sauber people making a great championship end. Surely they are still developing the 2013 car; rumors are that they got some money from sponsors in Russia. They had to get the money from somewhere anyway, as debts were flowing, and there was no money left for developments.

Japan Score 1 – 1

Overall Score 13 – 2

Force India: Sutil rating 4 (22,14) – di Resta rating 5 (22, 11)

It is possible that Adrian Sutil did not force the qualifications, because he knew he would be penalized 10 places on the start grid. But because he finished half a second behind his teammate makes us deduct points from him, and only award him with the medium tires. Di Resta finished a race after a break of five races that he has not finished. He receives the Play F1 Manager point, and get on par with his teammate in our rankings.

Japan Score 0 – 1

Overall Score 8 – 8

Williams: Maldonado rating 3 (15,16) – Bottas rating 5 (13,17)

What we had to say about Maldonado has already been said in the race’s minus. However, we would like to see Bottas in next year’s F1.

Japan Score 0 – 1

Overall Score 7 – 8

Toro Rosso: Ricciardo rating 5 (16, 13) – Vergne rating 5 (17, 12)

Daniel Ricciardo did not err that much when he left the circuit for passing a Williams, but his team did by not telling him to give the position back. But the fact that he has to make comments on the decision is stupid and proves lack of maturity. If that escape area would have been with grass and not asphalt, we do not believe that he would have left the circuit to make the pass, or, if he would have done so, he probably would have ended in the guardrails.

Score Japan 0 – 1

Score overall 9 – 6

Caterham: Pic rating 5 (20,18) – der Garde rating 3 (19, descalificat)

Der Garde made mistakes in the first lap and caused a serious accident. He was very fortunate to have escaped safely after the collision with the guardrail.

Japan Score 1 – 0

Overall Score 10 – 6

Marussia: Bianchi rating 4 (21, descalificat) – Chilton rating 6 (18,19)

Max was great during the qualifications, defeating not only his teammate, but also both Caterham drivers.

Japan score 0 – 1

Overall score 12 – 3


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  1. Post By GoldStandard

    I think you got it wrong re: Webber.
    A pre-race BBC interview: had Webber stating that Vettels championship was won, and that they were racing each other.
    Horner clearly had other ideas because the 3 stopper was understood by all, to be slower.
    Webber was pulled in to leave the door open for Vettel (and that was the talk amongst professionals after the race, according to most journalists).
    At the end…. even if he had passed Grosjean sooner, he might have caught Vettel, but even that is doubtful.
    As for Grosjean….. after the race he admitted that they never thought they could win the race.

    Their best chance would be to NOT fight with Vettel, but try to preserve the tyres and fight Webber – maybe getting 2nd place.

    RE: Kimi – he was out-driven by GJ all weekend – 2 good overtakes can’t change that.

    As for missing out on team moral….. I don’t think that he would even notice that!
    He knows what he has to do, and he knows he’s not doing it.

    Sure…. Lotus are bolstering GJ’s moral, because he’s young, and he needs it after last season…… but they also need every point they can get, cos they need the money.

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