India – the rating and the fight between teammates

Why? Because you need to see the value of pilots also where the single seater is not competitive. And because the first you have to defeat in Formula 1 is your teammate!

Tire change – we will award tires according to the pilots’ performance in every Grand Prix. The best performance will be awarded with supersoft tires and the worst with rain tires, meaning that a rating of 6 is the maximum and 1 is the minimum. We will not take into account the performance of the car or other things that are not under the direct control of the pilots.

Man of the race: Romain Grosjean – for the second time in a row; he has climbed 14 positions in the race, and drove a car that had all sorts of technical problems, such as the need to quickly shift gears.

Minus: Kimi Raikkönen, because he hit his teammate. This could cost him both his image and the image of the team he still represents.

Race show rating: 8 out of 10

Red Bull: Vettel rating 6 (1,1) – Webber rating 5 (4, dsq)

Congratulations Sebastian Vettel!!! Four times congratulations! Definitely not a mediocre nor an average pilot, but a top one. Surely, to be a legend he has to prove something more than before. With another team, with a great pilot alongside, anything else.  Mark, maybe you’ll make it in the Emirates race.

India 1 – 0

Overall score 15 – 3

Ferrari: Alonso rating 4 (8,11) – Massa rating 6 (5,4)

We can’t remember the last time Alonso had his last mediocre race.  The one in India was certainly one of that kind. Besides all this, in two situations, he seemed to be neither at the right place nor at the right time in the first lap. We wish Felipe Massa would get at least another  podium place during this end of the season, and we wish him to do a good job at Williams starting next season.

India 0 – 1

Overall score 13 – 5

McLaren: Button rating 4 (10,14)  – Perez rating 6 (9, 5 )

Sergio Perez cares very much for his place in McLaren’s single-seater, because a possible team leaving would mean the end of his driving career in Formula 1.  Jenson ran a race he has to forget about.  He said it and we agree.

India 0 – 1

Overall score 10 – 7

Renault: Raikonnen rating 3 (6, 7) – Grosjean rating 6 (17, 3)

We’re ranging Raikkönen third because he crashed into Grosjean, his teammate who was about two seconds faster than him and who stood aside and let him pass countless times this year as well as last year.  We like his manliness and courage, nonconformity and driving style but what he did in the India race was plain stupid.  If Grosjean would have started out in the first five  positions, he would have gotten the second place for sure; however, he got a great result.

India 0 – 1

Overall score  7 – 9

Mercedes: Rosberg rating 6 (2,2) – Hamilton rating 4 (3, 6)

After such a race and qualifications, Michael Schumacher would have been, and was, ‘destroyed’ because he’s old, he no longer has the abilities needed, and many other reasons. For Lewis, the English press (who’s dominating Formula 1) was happy to comment the “wonder pilot’s” mischance of being stuck behind Felipe Massa. Poor and unconvincing Lewis. Rosberg was noteworthy!

India 1 – 0

Overall score 7 – 9

Sauber: Hulkenberg rating 5 (7,19) – Gutierrez rating 4 (16,15)

Gutierrez somewhat botched the race, but at least he did stand out this way, and Nico had known technical issues (not only with the breaks), which took him out of a ranking with points.

India 1 – 0

Overall score 14 – 2

Force India: Sutil rating 6 (13,9) – di Resta rating 6 (12, 8 )

A great image boost having both F1 pilots ranked with points in the home race.  And because the Sauber people didn’t get any points, they are very likely to finish in front of them in the builders’ ranking

India 0 – 1

Overall score 8 – 9

Williams: Maldonado rating 5 (18,12) – Bottas rating 4 (15,16)

Bottas was better during qualifications, but not so much while racing, because his radio contact did not work, therefore he was late to change his tires, which compromised the race along with his poor start. Maybe Maldonado with all his “wealth”  will race for Lotus next season. For whom the bell tolls? …  for Formula 1.

India 1 – 0

Overall score 8 – 8

Toro Rosso: Ricciardo rating 6 (11, 10) – Vergne rating 5 (14, 13)

The usual things …

India 1 – 0

Overall score 10 – 6

Caterham: Pic rating 5 (21,dsq) – der Garde rating 5 (20, dsq)

Der Grade received our point, cause he was taken out by Chilton.

India 0 – 1

Overall score 10 – 7

Marussia: Bianchi rating 4 (19, 18) – Chilton rating 5 (22,17)

Chilton get it, even he made an awful start.

Ovearall score 12 – 4