F1’s return to Europe – what to watch for

The start of Formula 1’s European season is traditionally the period where struggling teams declare that ‘their season starts here’, while those further up the grid either try and increase their advantage or maintain their current position. Here’s what to look out for across the coming races.

Can Mercedes maintain its momentum – and which driver?

Mercedes AMG Petronas

The 2014 season has been dominated so far by Mercedes, with their winning margin over the next non-Mercedes car being in excess of 20 seconds at every race. There’s little doubt that they will win the title barring a disaster, but the question is how much more progress can they make? They’re further along the learning curve than their engine rivals, but do they have a greater ultimate potential or will Renault and Ferrari eventually be able to catch up?

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  1. Post By Nondi Ploom

    Watch for Merc continuing to dominate and make it so Hammy, not Rosberg, wins.

  2. Post By GoldStandard

    I’m watching to see what Williams, Force India, and Mclaren, come up with.
    Also… what about the new Ferrari engine map…. AND the massive improvement that Lotus has been crowing about….
    ….. But as much as all that…. Are we going to see a fight back from Nico, or, will it signal the end of his aspirations.

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