China 2014 – the rating and the fight between team mates

Why? Because you need to see the value of pilots also where the single seater is not competitive. And because the first you have to defeat in Formula 1 is your teammate!

Rating or tires change – we will award tires according to the pilots’ performance in every Grand Prix. The best performance will be awarded with supersoft tires and the worst with rain tires, meaning that a rating of 6 is the maximum and 1 is the minimum. We will not take into account the performance of the car or other things that are not under the direct control of the pilots.

(+) Pilot of the race: Lewis Hamilton.

(-) Taxi driver: Kimi Raikkonen. He is either complaining that his driving style does not suit the new car, that the front wing is not right, or that track is black; no more excuses. Schumacher was destroyed after the first four races in which he was behind Rosberg during qualifications by a few hundredths, and some he had even won. Today, Kimi no longer receives our clemency unless we find out that he also stays up late at nights with his mechanics, as Schumacher did.

Race performance rating: 5 out of 10.

After the Bahrain race, we promised that, no matter how less spectacular the race in China will be, we will refrain from criticism and behold: we do. Of course, we still had some delights. Most of the fans surely enjoyed the podium won by Fernando Alonso, that Daniel Ricciardo defeated by Sebastian Vettel both in the race and during qualifications. But the joy of some is the sorrow of others.

The next race – the one on the circuit of Montmelo, Spain – will be broadcasted by Dolce Sport on May 11, at 3 p.m.

Red Bull: Vettel rating 4 (3, 5) – Ricciardo rating 6 (2, 4)

Sebastian Vettel admitted again drily that Daniel Ricciardo was faster than him and that he simply has to get more out of the car, something he is not managing to do at this time. We are saying it just for the record of history: even Mark Webber, his former colleague, would have defeated Sebastian at this stage because Mark has a more free driving style. That does not mean that Vettel is not a very good pilot; he is. Nobody can be so absurd so as to absolutely assert that Ricci is one second faster per lap than Sebastian. Simply, at present, the world champion cannot adapt to the new requirements of the car. He will also not benefit from our clemency long.

China 0 – 1

General 1 – 3

Mercedes: Rosberg rating 5 (4, 2) – Hamilton rating 6 (1, 1)

Again, a flawless race by Lewis Hamilton who has exceeded our expectations and has contradicted the prediction we made for the race: Nico as favorite. That’s because on the Chinese circuit the German had some achievements of which we mention only his first victory in Formula 1. We award Rosberg a rating of 5 for driving very well in a race in which he did not have telemetry and for continuously being imbalanced while braking the single seater. The poor start is also due to lack of communication with his team.

China 0 – 1

General 1 – 3

Ferrari: Alonso rating 6 (5, 3) – Raikkonen rating 4 (11, 8)

Even if we offend again the Finn’s supporters, we’ll say it again: in addition to the car not being suited to his driving style, the Finn is lousier pilot than Fernando Alonso, a lot lousier, something we highlighted in the 2014 analysis. However, we didn’t think that there will be such a difference between the two drivers in the race, too, but we saw Alonso crushing Raikkonen only during qualifications. Well, this has happened in the race, too. For now, at least.

China 1 – 0

General 4 – 0

McLaren: Button rating 5 (12, 11)  – Magnussen rating 4 (15, 13 )

The British team McLaren – after making such a pleasant surprise along with the Williams team at the start of the season in the first race in Australia – is sinking and moving in a direction not enjoyed even by the “dismissed” Martin Whitmarsh. The McLaren car was nowhere in this race: no power on the straights, no traction when coming out of turns, no stability on entering turns.

China 1 – 0

General 3 – 1

Lotus: Grosjean rating 6 (10, 21) – Maldonado rating 5 (22, 14)

Team Lotus made ​​visible progress in the race in China, but certainly not enough and not as much as desired by the team. And Romain Grosjean’s technical issue messed things up. Perhaps the team will win its first point in Spain. We refrain from saying anything about Pastor Maldonado, good thing that he finished the race, but the F1 Manager point for the team fight goes to Grosjean, who was in front of his teammate all weekend until the abandonment due to technical reasons.

China 1 – 0

General 4 – 0

Force India: Hulkenberg rating 6 (8, 6) – Perez rating 6 (16, 9)

We are convinced that places 6 and 8 are very good results for the Force India team, but if we look at the speed and the result obtained by them in Bahrain, they seem to have had a certain setback in China. However, it will be very difficult for them to maintain the pace of development of the car at the same rate as the “rich” in Formula 1 do. Hulkenberg is back at the helm, has dominated his teammate and gets top rating from us. However, Sergio Perez also had a good race and climbed seven positions, so he gets superlight tires, the equivalent of the maximum rating of 6, and we do not downgrade him because of the poor results during qualifications.

China 1 – 0

General 3 – 1

Sauber: Sutil rating 5 (14, 22) – Gutierrez rating 5 (17, 16 )

It gives us no pleasure to see the “little” Sauber team struggling at the bottom. The low speed, the technical issues and the third technical dropout by Sutil in the four races of the season certainly are a warning.

China 1 – 0

General 2 – 2

Williams: Massa rating 6 (6, 15) – Bottas rating 6 (7, 7)

Masa leads 4-0 the Williams team fight because it wasn’t his fault that his mechanics kept him about 40 seconds in the pits instead of 3 seconds under normal conditions for a tire change. He qualified ahead of his teammate, led the race in front of Bottas until that point, and had a tremendous start. Bottas, however, gets the highest rating.

China 1 – 0

General 4 – 0

Toro Rosso: Kvyat rating 6 (13, 10) – Vergne rating 5 (9, 12)

Same situation within the Toro Rosso team. The team proves that, if it tries real hard, it gets points.

China 1 – 0

General 2 – 2

Marussia: Bianchi rating 6 (19, 18) – Chilton rating 4 (21, 19)

This time, Jules Bianchi used his car to the maximum, while Chilton was far away both in the race and during qualifications.

China 1 – 0

General 2 – 2

Caterham: Kobayashi rating 6 (18, 17) – Ericcson rating 4 (20, 20)

The Swede was also far behind his teammate. He, too, blames its higher weight because of which he would lose half a second per lap.

China 1 – 0

General 3 – 0

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  1. Post By Ferrari

    I agree … but maybe Alonso should be the pilot of the race.

  2. “or that Daniel Ricciardo was defeated by Sebastian Vettel both in the race and during qualifications.”
    “was” and “by” incorrect.

    1. Post By Play F1 Manager

      Thank you!

  3. Post By GoldStandard

    … Difficult stats with all the technical problems.
    Maybe we need to just grab a ‘feel’ for who is doing well:-

    Top marks (I believe) go to:

    . Kobayashi – for dragging his car forward.

    . Kvyat – because he is a young rookie driver.

    . Massa & Bottas – Everything to play for.

    . Sutil & Gutierrez – OMG bring the bird on, and raise some more money.

    . Hulk – Clearly the incredible Hulk.

    . Big John – no argument.

    . Button – A class act – Ace overtaking – shame about the car.

    . Alonso – The proof is in the pudding (so far).

    . Hamilton – Clearly a special talent – so difficult for Nico.

    . Rikki – Truly the shock of the season (Daniel is faster than you)

    Also ran:- Marussia.


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