Abu Dhabi – the rating and the fight between teammates

Why? Because you need to see the value of pilots also where the single seater is not competitive. And because the first you have to defeat in Formula 1 is your teammate!

Tire change – we will award tires according to the pilots’ performance in every Grand Prix. The best performance will be awarded with supersoft tires and the worst with rain tires, meaning that a rating of 6 is the maximum and 1 is the minimum. We will not take into account the performance of the car or other things that are not under the direct control of the pilots.

Man of the race: Sebastian Vettel.

Minus: goes to the Ferrari team, who lost precious points by getting Felipe Massa’s strategy wrong and fitting his single seater with medium tires instead of the light ones in his last pit stop.

Race show rating: 6 out of 10

Red Bull: Vettel rating 6 (2,1) – Webber rating 5 (1, 2)

Webber did ok, but, compared to his teammate, he was too far behind in the race to receive the maximum rating, even if he beat Vettel during the qualifications.

Abu Dhabi 1 – 0

Overall score 16 – 3

Ferrari: Alonso rating 5 (8,5) – Massa rating 6 (8,8

Massa gets our point for the race in Abu Dhabi. He was faster than his teammate both during the qualifications and in the race. He finished after Alonso because his team fitted him with medium tires instead of the light ones in his last pit stop, which would have been much faster. The tires would have worked smoothly, because they worked for the first 19 laps when the car has more gas, the temperature is higher, and the tires are obviously used more. By the end, there were 17 laps left, the car was lighter and the temperature was lower… No comment on why this mistake happened…  we called it a mistake.

Abu Dhabi 0 – 1

Overall score 13 – 6

McLaren: Button rating 4 (12,12)  – Perez rating 6 (8, 9 )

Button is not ending the season well. There have been two disappointing races for Britishman, races in which his teammate Sergio Perez managed to score. Probably that until the race in Austin the fate of Mexican in F1 will be decided.

0 – 1

Overall score 10 – 8

Renault: Raikonnen rating 5 (22, 22) – Grosjean rating 6 (6, 4)

We are not awarding the F1 Manager point to the Lotus team because we don’t know which of the two pilots should receive it. Raikkonen is usually careful to contacts with other cars and now we thought he wasn’t. We’re not trying to suggest anything different, only that he might just be losing his motivation. Grosjean – keep up the good work.

Abu Dhabi 0 – 0

Overall score 7 – 9

Mercedes: Rosberg rating 6 (3,3) – Hamilton rating 4 (4, 7)

We criticized Hamilton last race too, so we are not going to refrain from doing it now. It would be better to praise Rosberg who has defeated his teammate in 5 of the last 6 races, and is just 16 points behind, given that, in the early season, the German had two technical dropouts. You can draw your own conclusions.

Abu Dhabi 1 – 0

Overall score 8 – 9

Sauber: Hulkenberg rating 4 (5,14) – Gutierrez rating 5 (16,13)

The Sauber car is obviously fast and we don’t understand how could Hulkenberg loose so many positions, and neither can he, since, after the race, he said the car had lost the balance and adherence it had during qualifications. Gutierrez was too far during the qualifications, much too far from his teammate. We’re not giving any points here either.

Abu Dhabi 0 – 0

Overall score 14 – 2

Force India: Sutil rating 5 (17,10) – di Resta rating 6 (11, 6 )

We’re glad the Force India drivers made us eat our words. We have not given them any chance to score in Abu Dhabi, and, behold, they got a lot of points. Di Resta’s first good race in a long time (5 months) .

Abu Dhabi 0 – 1

Overall score 8 – 10

Williams: Maldonado rating 6 (14,11) – Bottas rating 4 (15,15)

Bottas had a poor start, being surpassed by Caterham who was using the light tires and Valtteri on the medium ones, tires which are slower by about 1.5 seconds per lap. Maldonado also managed to have a successful race after a long time.

Abu Dhabi 1 – 0

Overall score 9 – 8

Toro Rosso: Ricciardo rating 5 (9, 16) – Vergne rating 6 (13, 17)

Vergne started off with a two-stop strategy but moved to a one-stop strategy during the race, which was carried out too early, leaving nothing on his medium tires by the end of the race, which cost him the points he had in the first part of the race. Daniel had a disastrous start losing seven positions that he did not manage to recover. We’re giving the points to Vergne.

Abu Dhabi 0 – 1

Overall score 10 – 7

Caterham: Pic rating 5 (18,18) – der Garde rating 5 (19, 19)

Unnoticed – who’s looking at the end of the pack? – the Dutchman Der Garde began to defeat the more experienced Charles Pic both in the race and during qualifications.

Abu Dhabi 0 – 1

Overall score 10 – 8

Marussia: Bianchi rating 4 (21, 20) – Chilton rating 5 (20,21)

Ever since he signed on for another year with Marussia, Binachi has not had any good races. Instead, Chilton beat Tiago Monteiro’s record who at his debut in 2005 in Jordan ran 16 races without abandoning. Max is at 17. Keep up the good work!

Abu Dhabi 0 – 1

Overall score 12 – 5