8 things we learned from the Australian Grand Prix

We may only be one race into a new era of Formula One but the Australian Grand Prix taught us a few things.

F1 2014 is unpredictable

Who could have predicted those results? We’ve got so used to Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel’s dominance that it was a breath of fresh air to see someone else win.  If you thought F1 was unpredictable before, it’s just got even better. Good news for fans, bad news for people playing prediction games.

Reliability is an issue

Six drivers retired from the Australian Grand Prix with technical problems, including Kamui Kobayashi who crashed due to rear brake problems.  Given the major rule changes this isn’t surprising, only time will tell whether teams continue to have major issues throughout the year or not. That being said though, the teams have done a pretty good job of creating an entirely new car under new rules and regulations in the time given.

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