The true comes out: war between Hamilton and Rosberg

Now that Mercedes has a competitive and wining car, the masks are falling down between the teammates and so called friends from Mercedes.

“It’s massive. I don’t remember the last time in my career I had a gap like that, particularly with a teammate driving the same car.” – Lewis Hamilton.

He also said that: “I felt I had the edge. We learned a lot from practice but it is one thing learning it, another applying it. But it worked and that is why I blew him away. I’m pushing myself more than my teammate is pushing me. That’s where the push is coming from. Nico is very quick, he’s won the first race, he’s always there, so naturally we are pushing each other. But this year I’m pushing myself that extra. I’m eking out more than I’ve ever been able to eke out.”

Jenson Button, the former teammate of Hamilton’s at McLaren admit: “Looking at what Lewis did is going to hurt [Rosberg] a little bit. He was super-fast. Yhat is a lot to put between you and your teammate when you have both had a clear race. I am sure that is strike one to him.”

BBC pundit David Coulthard agrees: “If that was a pure driver-to-driver battle, then Nico psychologically will have taken a bit of a hit.”

Niki Lauda think it was a problem with Nico’s car and said: “I have no idea why Nico could not drive at Lewis’ level. But I am glad that they were not fighting with each other. Now we have to analyse what was the issue with Nico’s car as it must be corrected and then we move to Bahrain.”

Rosberg himself admitted after the race: “I was trying to chase Lewis but he was a bit too quick.”

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  1. Post By illTRON

    horrible article. there is no fight at mercedes. stop making * up.

    1. Post By Keepfighting schumi

      Wow. Ignore facts much. I hope Nico wins. lewis is a prick.

      1. Post By Keepfarting schumi

        yes dont ignore facts listen to hope
        even if i am be an ratarded

        1. Post By Signum

          These aren’t facts. Lewis never said that we “blew” Nico away and many of the other statements are just not true. I’d like to see the video if he the claim is that he said that.

  2. Post By Ferrari

    Maybe the title seems not to be realistic… but only for now. Lewis quotes if they are real, are far, far away to be spoken by a friend.

  3. Post By April Fools

    Nice try.

  4. Post By Play F1 Manager

    It seems like we saw something …
    Toto Wolff:
    We are spending quite some time discussing those things, discussing scenarios and discussing situations,” Wolff said. “It’s Mercedes and it’s the team that comes first, but one day it will be rubbish. It’s all academic and we will run into situations where we have to manage – they are still very competitive creatures.

    “The intra-team rivalry has been there since the beginning. It’s been there since last January. What makes a difference is that these guys have known each other for such a long time and they have a fair relationship with each other, but it doesn’t mean that they are not extremely competitive and that they will try to use every advantage they can.

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