“McLaren always targets star drivers” – Dennis

Dennis insists he has no problems with his current line-up, but said that would not stop the team exploring all its options.

“I’m satisfied with both Jenson and Kevin,” he told F1 offical website. “Nonetheless, despite that, I want them to give their best – and, at the same time, be responsible enough to appreciate that McLaren will always make efforts to hire the best drivers available. If such opportunities arise, we’ll appraise them; we always have and we always will. All great Formula One teams are the same in that regard. But we’re not in a position to do that at the moment.”

Although Dennis’ approach may seem rather cut-throat in relation to his current drivers, he stressed that it is the same way McLaren has always approached its driver line-up.

“We’ll always look to employ the best drivers available – but they have to be available, don’t they? Having said that, for the avoidance of doubt, Jenson and Kevin represent an excellent blend of capable experience and youthful promise, and we’re very happy with both of them. The fact that we’re keeping an eye on what a few other drivers are up to in no way contradicts that, because, as I say, if opportunities arise, we’ll appraise them – we always have and we always will.”