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Flavio Briatore facing jail over tax fraud

Flavio Briatore facing jail over tax fraud

Five years ago, Italian police seized the former Renault chief’s 60-metre luxury yacht Force Blue, saying it was improperly registered as a charter for tax purposes.

The case returned to the Genoa courts this week, according to Italian media reports.

Prosecutors accuse 65-year-old Briatore – who was banned from F1 in 2009 over his involvement in the ‘crashgate’ scandal – of faking the charter registration to avoid sales, mooring and fuel taxes.

In court this week, “Prosecutors Patrizia Petruzziollo and Walter Cotugno demanded four years in prison for Flavio Briatore”, one Italian newspaper said.

Prosecutors, who are also pursuing Briatore’s associates, reportedly allege that the unpaid taxes amount to EUR 3.6 million.

Briatore said in January: “If the Guardia di Finanza (tax police) had told me I had to pay, I would have done so without problems.”

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